Hilarious images from the contest of Comic Photographs of Nature

Hilarious images from the contest of Comic Photographs of Nature


An owl trying to get on a tree branch after having stumbled was the winner of the main prize of the contest The Comedy Wildlife of 2017, which celebrates the funniest scenes of nature.

This is the third edition of the contest that seeks to have fun while raising awareness about the other beings with whom we share the planet.

The images were selected among 3,500.

Next, we show you the winners.

Owls Photo: Tibor Kercz
Image caption The winning image of this owl that lost its balance and is trying to get back on the branch was taken by Tibor Kercz in Ópusztaszer, Hungary. It was the main winner. Kercz received as a reward, among other things, a trip to Kenya. Photo: Tibor Kercz.
Dormouse. Photo: Andrea Zampatti
Image caption Andrea Zampatti won in the category “Earth” with this tender photo of a dormouse taken in Italy. Photo: Andrea Zampatti.
Turtle slapping a fish. Photo: Troy Mayne
Image caption Tremendo cachetazo received this fish from this turtle. The image, by Troy Mayne, won the first prize in the category “Under the sea”. Photo: Troy Mayne.
Birds flying. Photo: John Threlfall
Image caption John Threlfall was the winner of the category “Air”, with this image in which a bird seems to leave a trail of steam in the sky. The effect occurred because, behind the bird, is just passing a plane. Photo: John Threlfall.
Polar bear with its young. Photo: Daisy Gilardini
Image caption Daisy Gilardini photographed this little polar bear hanging from her mother in Manitoba, Canada. Photo: Daisy Gilardini.
Otter. Photo: Penny Palmer
Image caption Penny Palmer captured the moment when this otter stretches its legs. The animal was photographed in California, United States. Photo: Penny Palmer
Penguins Photo: Carl Henry.
Image caption Dressed and ready to enter the church. This was the title that Carl Henry gave his photo taken on South Georgia Island, in the South Atlantic. Photo: Carl Henry.
Hare. Photo: Olivier Colle.
Image caption Olivier Colle photographed this hare with a snout full of grass in Belgium. The image received a special mention. Photo: Olivier Colle.
Two monkeys on a motorcycle. Photo: Katy Laveck-Foster.
Image caption These two monkeys look ready for a motorcycle ride. They were surprised by the photographer’s camera in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia., Photo: Katy Laveck-Foster.
Antelopes of Africa. Photo: Jean-Jacques Alcalay.
Image caption Jean-Jacques Alcalay captured the moment when this African antelope seems to be traveling on one of his packmates. The image was taken in Masai Mara, Kenya. Photo: Jean-Jacques Alcalay.
Seals Photo: George Cathcart.
Image caption What is this seal thinking? The author of this photo that received a special mention is George Cathcart. It was taken in San Simeon, California, USA Photo: George Cathcart.
Fox on a golf course. Photo: Douglas Croft.
Image caption This fox found the perfect place to relieve himself in one of the holes of this golf course in San Jose, United States.
Amphibious fish. Photo: Daniel Trim.
Image caption Daniel Trim photographed these two amphibious fish in the middle of what looks like a singing session. Photo: Daniel Trim.
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