5 things you should not tell someone with acne

5 things you should not tell someone with acne


If you ever had or have acne or lived close to someone who suffered from it, you will know that people, acquaintances and strangers, often openly comment on your pimples, give you advice on diet or offer remedies for which you have not asked.

“You should drink more water” and “let me blow that up!” are some of the recurring phrases that patients have to deal with.

Although they are not malicious, they usually bother people who live with this skin disease, which affects mostly teenagers and is related to hormonal changes.

The BBC brought together eight young British people who went through this experience to talk about which phrases bothered them the most. These are some of your answers.

1. “I also have a little bad skin now”

Maybe they say it to show empathy, but normally the person making this comment has just a passing granite that seems ridiculous compared to the fierce outbreak that inhabits semi permanently on the face of the person with severe acne.

“That single black point that you have on your chin is in each of the pores of my whole face,” one of the affected young women imagines answering.

2. “Ohhh, I want to exploit you!”

Apparently several young people had even to avoid the intrusive hands of some acquaintance who wanted to pounce on one of his little white heads or black dots.

“People do not go around offering people to wash their hair if it is dirty,” says one of the interviewees.

For some reason some people have a kind of “fetish” with that of exploiting grains, says another. Apparently there are many videos on the internet and social networks in which people show in detail what is the extraction of sebum.

“People love to watch them,” said one of the interviewees.

The public health service of the United Kingdom, NHS for its acronym in English, recommends not trying to exploit grains or blackheads, as doing so can worsen the problem and cause permanent scars .

3. “Did you try using toothpaste?”

Image captionAccording to the NHS, there is no evidence that diet, hygiene or sexual activity play a role in the appearance of acne.

On the grain, obvious. But not only that, people can suggest all kinds of homemade products and remedies for the grandmother – honey, lemon, alcohol, banana skin, diaper cream … – without having the slightest idea of dermatology.

“They do not realize that if you have acne you’ve already tried everything, ” says one of the girls who suffered from it.

However, several of the young people interviewed admitted having tried, without success, several of these suggestions, including toothpaste.

Although there is no cure for acne, it can be controlled with treatments, according to the NHS.

4. “Stop eating junk food”

Or “do not drink dairy products or soft drinks,” says a young woman.

“People assume that as I have acne I should eat fried things for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” says another.

According to the NHS , there is no evidence that diet, hygiene or sexual activity plays a role in the appearance of acne.

5. “Why do not you cover them?”

“I already do it,” one of the girls says wryly.

“That comment seems super offensive,” says another.

Males admit to having tried to put on make-up to cover up acne but then they have caught even more attention from people.

The NHS recommends not using too much makeup or cosmetic products on acne skin and doing so suggests using water-based products and “noncomedogenic”, which are less likely to block skin pores.

It also advised to completely remove the makeup before going to sleep.

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