A Review of 2017’s Prominent Stories From Across The Globe

A Review of 2017’s Prominent Stories From Across The Globe


From N. Korea’s atomic tests to the disruption in the Mideast, Rava.pk takes a gander at the greatest stories over the globe.

2017 has been a turbulent year in more routes than one, beginning from Donald Trump being confirmed as the leader of the United States to the worldwide retribution on inappropriate behavior and manhandle coming about because of the MeToo development. The active year saw subjects of certain Muslim-lion’s share nations alienated under Trump’s movement boycott while pressure between North Korea and US achieved a tipping point with the risk of an atomic war approaching over the Korean landmass. The Gulf countries, for most of the year, stood out as truly newsworthy maybe none as much as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which reported radical changes overnight time and again.

1. IS vanquished, not wiped out

Iraqi fighters kick a billboard bearing the logo of IS in Hawija.— AFP/File

Iraqi fighters kick a billboard bearing the logo of IS in Hawija.

 Iraq on December 9 proclaimed triumph in its war to oust the aggressor Islamic State. After long strikes, a variety of powers drove the Islamic State from its two principle fortifications — the city of Mosul in Iraq, and its so called capital, Raqqa, in Syria.

Iraq’s fightback was propelled with the support of an air battle pursued by a US-drove coalition, recovering town after town from the grasp of the activists in furious urban fighting. Specialists, in any case, caution that jihadists remain a risk. The thrashings left the Islamic State without a critical area in either Iraq or Syria, yet offshoots somewhere else in the district, especially in Egypt and Afghanistan, kept on working.

2. Madrid rejects Catalonia’s govt, suspends district’s self-governance

On October 1, an autonomy choice was held in Spain’s rich northeastern Catalonia district. The survey was regarded illicit by the focal government.

Madrid moved to affirm control yet Catalan officials voted on October 27 to announce freedom from Spain. Madrid responded by calling new local races, while rejecting Catalonia’s administration and suspending the district’s self-rule. Ousted local president Carles Puigdemont, who has been accused of dissidence and defiance, took asylum in Belgium

3. Trump attacks Pakistan over fear based oppressor ‘places of refuge’s
Crabby Pakistan-US relations got additionally stressed when President Trump in August disclosed his organization’s arrangement on Afghanistan and South Asia. Trump in his castigation impugned Pakistan for purportedly enabling fear mongers to keep up “places of refuge” inside its domain. He additionally requested that India go up against a greater part in Afghanistan, stirring feelings of trepidation in Islamabad that India would utilize this chance to blend inconvenience in the flanking regions of Pakistan.

The new strategy, which was found in Islamabad as embarrassing and impolite to Pakistani forfeits in the battle against psychological oppression and unconcerned with Islamabad’s security concerns, provoked a re-appraisal of ties at the most abnormal amount. Look at Should Pakistan stress over US help when its association with China is worth $110 billion? Trump likewise made room for the arrangement of thousands more US troops to Afghanistan with a 16-year war apparently no place close to its decision.

4. #MeToo’ opens the conduits to stories of Harassment 
A great many shriek blowers mobilized around the #MeToo hashtag via web-based networking media in the wake of disclosures of orderly misuse executed by Hollywood magnate Harvey Weinstein and other men.

On October 5, The New York Times distributed a stunner investigative report: Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for quite a long time.Claims of sexual unfortunate behavior have since been leveled at a considerable rundown of identities in film, TV, reporting and governmental issues the world over. Illumination toppled from their roosts included media stars Bill O’Reilly, Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose, and a few big name gourmet experts and individuals from Congress. Most as of late, Trump informers likewise asked Congress to test the badgering claims against the president.

5. North Korea’s atomic program under Kim Jung UN escalates pressures

On September 3, North Korea, which increased its rocket strikes, directed its 6th and biggest atomic test, raising strains with the US and its partners.

North Korean pioneer Kim Jong-Un in November said his hermitic nation has finished its “state atomic power” with the trial of a long-extend rocket ready to convey an atomic warhead anyplace in the United States. Washington debilitated to “completely annihilate” the administration “if war comes”.

Know all the more: North Korea is playing a more drawn out amusement than US

A war of words has since resulted between the two pioneers. Now and again, the insults had a schoolyard flavor to them — a “dotard” versus “Little Rocket Man” — yet they originated from two world pioneers with atomic arms available to them.

6. A time of Trump: challenging standards, making limits


On January 20, Republican tycoon Donald Trump, 70, was initiated as the 45th US president, vowing to take after an approach in light of “America first”. Doubts of arrangement between his race battle and Russia, notwithstanding, resolute the begin of his term.

Through early morning tweets, Trump unpicked the accomplishments of his Democrat forerunner, Barack Obama. He hauled out of a few worldwide understandings: on atmosphere, organized commerce, migration and UNESCO What’s more, in spite of a year-long court fight, the Trump organization could institute a restriction on voyagers from six chiefly Muslim nations: Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. In spite of the fact that the most recent variant of the restriction additionally covers individuals from North Korea and a determination of senior authorities from Venezuela, movement and social equality activists keep up it still basically targets Muslims.

7. The ‘genocide’ of Myanmar’s Rohingyas

On August 25, the military in Buddhist-larger part Myanmar propelled a crackdown on Rohingyas in the westernmost Rakhine state after activists from the stateless Muslim minority trapped security powers there.

About 650,000 Rohingyas were compelled to escape Myanmar and discover asylum in Bangladesh. As per Medecins Sans Frontieres, no less than 6,700 Rohingyas, including 730 kids, were killed in the principal month of brutality that emitted in Rakhine in August.The UN and US criticized the “ethnic purifying” while the UN rights boss Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein talked about “components of genocide”. Aung San Suu Kyi, the accepted pioneer of Myanmar, be that as it may, has offered no solid answers for stop the collective savagery.

8. MBS: the crown prince who rules the Kingdom
The first major headline that Saudi Arabia made was on June 21 — “Saudi king upends royal succession, appoints son as crown prince”.
Following the rapid ascent of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the second-most powerful position in Saudi Arabia, a series of unprecedented changes occurred in the desert kingdom.

The historic decision to allow Saudi women to drive from next year was a part of the government’s major reform drive, conceived by Prince Salman, the de facto ruler of the country.
Along with his futuristic visions, the crown prince also talked of returning his country to ‘moderate Islam’.
Examine: Saudi prince in a china shop

But the events of one November weekend caused seismic shifts within the Saudi establishment. In one fell swoop, the crown prince rounded up highly influential figures in the kingdom, including princes, ministers and business magnates, as part of an anti-corruption purge.
In doing so, the young prince has made enemies of the Saudi aristocracy, its billionaire class and their foreign business partners, who will eventually be looking for revenge.
9. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital hits a nerve

In a break with international consensus, Trump sent shockwaves around the world when he recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December. The decision triggered protests across the Muslim world and drew strong condemnation globally.

The emergency session of UN General Assembly later declared Trump’s declaration “null and void”, with the motion being adopted by a decisive vote of 128 to 9, with 35 abstentions.

The US remained defiant despite the vote, vowing to “put our embassy in Jerusalem”.Editorial: In one decision, Trump legitimised five decades of Israeli occupation Trump had warned ahead of the vote in the 193-nation assembly that “we are watching” and threatened reprisals against countries that back the measure.

10. Qatar: the pariah of the oil-rich Gulf

Saudi, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain and Yemen isolate Qatar over ‘terrorism’ as rift deepens this news story, published on June 5, was one of biggest to emerge from the region this year.
The four countries announced that they had severed ties with Qatar, sealing off the emirate’s only land border in the wide-ranging boycott.

In the biggest diplomatic crisis to hit the region in years, they accused Doha of supporting “terrorists” and of being too close to Iran, Saudi Arabia’s regional rival.
Qatar denied the charges, claiming the dispute is an attack on its sovereignty. Both parties in the crisis, the worst to grip the Gulf Cooperation Council in its 36-year history, have refused to back down despite mediation attempts by Kuwait and the United States.

11. Triple talaq’ separate ruled unlawful in India

In a point of interest controlling, India’s best court in August struck down the dubious Islamic practice that enables men to separate their spouses right away, regarding it “unlawful”.

The Supreme Court (SC) administered by a 3:2 lion’s share that the act of “triple talaq”, whereby Muslim men can separate their spouses by discussing the word talaq (separate) three times, was both illegal and un-Islamic.A board of five judges from India’s real beliefs — Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism — said triple talaq was “not vital to religious practice and disregards protected ethical quality”.

12. Troubled Syria, Yemen confront dubious future; Lebanon in confuse

Syria’s President Bashar Assad has been beset since war ejected in his nation just about seven years prior. While his death was broadly anticipated in the beginning times, the pioneer is as yet clutching power as the war seems to attract to a nearby.

Significant military operations have decreased, with Assad responsible for key zones and the war against IS generally finished up with the recover of the urban areas it controlled.The butchery in Yemen, nonetheless, is continuous. The stalemated war by a Saudi-drove coalition has slaughtered more than 10,000 regular folks and drove the Arab world’s poorest nation to the verge of starvation. Global rights bunches have blamed the coalition for besieging non military personnel social occasions, markets, doctor’s facilities and local locations crosswise over Yemen since the start of its air battle against Houthi revolts in March 2015.

In the interim in Lebanon, Prime Minister Saad Hariri on November 4 reported from Saudi Arabia that he is leaving – before later completing a U-turn – refering to Iran’s “hold” on Lebanon. The move was seen by many as being coordinated by Saudi Arabia in an offer to harm Iran’s impact in the locale.

13. worlds shocking terror attack 

The primary huge dread assault of 2017 went ahead New Year’s Day  a shooter killing 39 at a dance club in Istanbul. Resulting focuses of worldwide dread incorporated an Ariana Grande show in England, a bicycle way in New York City and the memorable La Rambla promenade in Barcelona.

In October, a truck besieging in Somalia slaughtered more than 500 individuals; in November, an assault on a swarmed mosque in Egypt executed more than 300.A 64-year-old high-stakes video poker player, subsequent to gathering a munititions stockpile of weapons, released a blast of gunfire from an elevated structure gambling club lodging that murdered 58 individuals and harmed hundreds among a group going to an outside show along the Las Vegas Strip.Weeks after the slaughter, inquiries concerning the shooter’s thought processes stayed unanswered.

14. London achieves point of interest manage EU on Brexit separate terms

On March 29, London propelled the procedure to leave the European Union, nine months after British voters picked to leave in a submission.On June 8, Britain voted in a snap general decision called by Prime Minister Theresa May in an offer to build her thin parliamentary dominant part. Be that as it may, her Conservatives rather endured a noteworthy misfortune and lost their lion’s share. Following quite a while of transactions, on December 8, Brussels and London achieved an arrangement on Brexit separate terms, opening the best approach to chats on their future relationship. Inspect: View from abroad: Bored of Brexit

15. Zimbabwe: Mugabe gives up after 37 years in power

On November 21, Zimbabwe’s veteran President Robert Mugabe resigned following a 37-year rule, after being abandoned by the military and his own party.

The 93-year-old had clung on for a week after an army takeover and expulsion from his own ruling ZANU-PF party, but resigned shortly after parliament began an impeachment process seen as the only legal way to force him out. People danced and car horns blared on the streets of Harare at news that the era of Mugabe  who led Zimbabwe since independence in 1980  was finally over.

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